System Information

  • Category: Government System
  • Client: Sudanese Ministry Of Interior - General Traffic Department
  • Project date: June 2007
  • Project URL:

System Details

  • The project was established in order to provide distinguished services to the public and increase the efficiency of traffic operations. The current traffic system was developed on the concept of central traffic, which provides the citizen with decentralization of services and accommodates the movement of citizens and vehicles in all states of Sudan. The Kuthite company has implemented the system to manage the processes and procedures for issuing driving licenses and Vehicles by creating an integrated central system and linked with other systems.
  • Developing technologies for the General Traffic Department and expanding the current systems and devices to keep pace with the technical boom and continuous modernization requirements in order to provide better services to the citizen.
  • Providing the necessary devices and equipment such as servers, printers, computers and networks, and preparing them to receive the operation of the new systems, which include: the vehicle licensing system, the driving licenses system, the electronic insurance system, the vehicle technical inspection system, the accidents and reports system, and the violations and settlements system.