Factory Information

  • Category: Production Sector
  • Project date: June 2010

Factory Details

  • Kushite Integrated Company has always been able to choose the best international and local elements and collect them in one crucible to work on achieving and providing the best technology of printing and laser engraving, advanced methods, cutting, gluing and stacking devices, and safe methods for storage and transportation, all in one building, which is the factory of papers, identification and immigration documents. Which was established in an area of more than 22,000 square meters, and the factory is considered the pride of the Sudanese industry, as it made Sudan a pioneer in the field of manufacturing identity and immigration papers in Africa.
  • It was the responsibility of the Kushite company to design and implement this factory until it became a producer of identification documents (such as the electronic passport) and kept pace with the best technology of designing and equipping modern factories. It has used the best methods of insurance and protection compatible with the best security requirements recommended by international standards such as the specifications of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).
  • This factory prepares all Sudanese identity and immigration documents and all travel documents, foremost of which is the Sudanese electronic passport, and identification documents such as the new Sudanese identity card. The factory produces all types of cards such as driving licenses cards, car cards, bank cards and communication cards of different types and sizes.