System Information

  • Category: Government System
  • Client: Sudanese Ministry Of Interior - General Administration Of Civil Registry
  • Project date: April 2011
  • Project URL:

System Details

  • It was established as a project to secure the issuance of the Sudanese identity and the establishment of a main database for Sudanese citizens and resident foreigners, as it came as a complement to the details of data registration and life events such as marriage, death, and their offshoots It has had a significant impact on the state in terms of extracting statistical reports and strategic planning, and the project is considered one of the main pillars of the e-government system.
  • Kushite company implemented the data center and civil registry software to provide a central database for the population that represents the most important infrastructure for the various activities of the state.
  • The national identity card is considered one of the main outputs of the civil registry system, and the law defines it as identifying the identity and personality of the holder, as it means the identity of the person and knows his personality and what distinguishes it as carrying the national number, the person’s fingerprint and photo, in addition to being insured with more than 30 insurance features and manufactured from the finest card-making materials in the world This makes it immune to counterfeiting. It is granted to a person after obtaining the national number for someone who has reached the age of sixteen, and it is dealt with in all civil transactions that an individual needs and is extracted through the registration center.